Dear guitar friends !
“We’re having a blast!”

“We’ve left our school worries behind and relocated to the coolness of the town of Postojna. We've exchanged the monotony of year-long tiresome school schedules with new, amazing findings, we're creating together with inspiring musicians and meeting friends who we've missed during the long school year. We're studying, creating, making music and having fun, and our parents are thrilled to see what we come up with."

The 9th Guitar Week in Postojna prepares a series of concerts, lectures and master classes for you, where you will get to know a lot of new insights about music, test your current knowledge, and get the inspiration for even more in-depth and passionate work. We are working hard to provide affordable participation fees especially for younger audiences to make it easier for them to work with verified mentors and where they would listen to the concerts of artists who set up contemporary performing trends. Our organization team wants you to get in touch with experts who foretell not only the direction of performing practice on the classical guitar but also the direction of compositional literature for it as well. The core of the festival is made up of university professors from Slovenia and neighboring countries and in addition we supplement them every year with attractive, internationally renowned lecturers and concert players, mainly representatives of younger generations.

It is this very exposure that young guitarists can get that is one of the most appealing aspects of "The Guitar Week in Postojna". It has been recognized and praised worldwide too, so we are inviting you to see for yourself.

“Plenty of  spots here for everyone ! Cast all doubt aside. We’re expecting you!"


Anton ─îrnugelj, artistic director