Anders Miolin (SWE/CH)
Anders Miolin (Photo: Andrej Grilc)
Anders Miolin (Photo: Andrej Grilc)

Anders Miolin is a Swedish-Swiss classical guitar performer, composer and professor of classical guitar at the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. He gives recitals and masterclasses world-wide and is acclaimed for his unique performances on the innovative 13- and 12- string guitars, invented in collaboration with the luthier Ermanno Chiavi (, Zurich.
Anders Miolin's repertoire spans from the works of the Renaissance to the modern times, including his own compositions, which are strongly inspired by the musical worlds of Bach, Debussy, Ravel and Stravinsky.

Anders Miolin has developed a comprehensive guitar teaching concept intended to benefit a guitar player of every level, beginner to professional. The concept is based on years-long experience of professional musicianship combined with knowledge from neuroscience, psychology and ergonomics.
This concept aims to empower every guitar player to maximize their potential in the best possible way by making use of the knowledge from the combined fields of psychological and physiological science and music, in a way that enables them to realize their true potential and make the most efficient use of their practice time and mental and physical energy. Much experience- and theory-based attention is given to the subject of making the best use of one's resources and developing a healthy posture, thus preventing muscle strain and injury.

The highly distinguished artistry of Anders Miolin is characterized by a unique instrument, unique programs and a unique sound. Regarded as one of today’s most creative and versatile guitarists his concerts, recordings and masterclasses receive highest acclaim internationally. Carrying forward and developing tradition, Anders Miolin is a cosmopolitan in styles – his programs span from baroque to contemporary. As composer, Miolin creates unique, exciting, and timeless soundscapes beyond conventional styles and clichés.

"One of the most respected and admired soloist profiles on the international classical guitar scene"
- Uppsala International Guitar Festival, 2016
"Swedish virtuoso Anders Miolin’s transcriptions are as masterful as his performances…Best of all, Miolin makes us forget we’re witnessing daring guitar feats. He simply sweeps us away with beautiful music, beautifully played."
- Guitar player, USA

 “In Anders Miolin we are confronted with a true artist, who makes us forget that he is also a virtuoso because he has mastered that unusual quality and virtue called poetry.”
Leo Brouwer, composer, conductor