Timotej Kosovinc (SLO/A)
Timotej Kosovinc
Timotej Kosovinc

Composer, guitarist and arranger Timotej Kosovinc has experienced different musical genres and styles such as: classical music, jazz, pop, flamenco,… He composes for a huge variety of musical instruments and groups: from solo instruments to symphonic orchestra.
He started his music path at the age of seven. At the age of ten, he wrote his first original composition and he performed his first solo guitar concert at the age of twelve.
Later he continued his musical education with professor Anton Črnugelj (guitar) at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana (where the »Škerjančeva nagrada« prize for the extraordinary success at winning artistic recognition for the conservatory was awarded to him) and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he graduated with honors in guitar in the class of  professor Alvaro Pierri and composition and music theory in the class of professor Johannes Kretz. At the present time, he continues his composition studies with professor Detlev Müller-Siemens (composition) and professor Ertugrul Sevsay (practical instrumentation).
In addition, he has attended a great deal of masterclasses by some of the greatest masters of composition and guitar including David Newman, Lalo Schifrin, Michael Jarrell, Beat Furrer, Helmut Lachenmann, Leo Brouwer, Dušan Bogdanović, Pepe Romero, Costas Cotsiolis, Dale Kavanagh, Graham Devine, Konrad Ragossnig,…
As a composer, guitarist and performer of his own works he is a winner of many national and international competitions. Among others, he has won the European guitar competition »Enrico Mercatali« (Italy), the »Guitar Art Summer Fest« international competition (Montenegro) and the »Temsig« national competition (Slovenia).
As a soloist he performed with symphonic orchestra of the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana and conductor Tomaž Habe, with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Marko Hribernik and he played several concerts in Austria with the Austrian orchestra »Philharmonie Marchfeld« and conductor Bettina Schmitt.
He played concerts and performed as a soloist or member of different chamber music groups, he presented and performed his own compositions and his compositions were performed at various festivals and concerts on international level in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia.
He successfully organises concerts for several years in the Botanical Garden of Ljubljana and in the Red Hall of the City Hall of Ljubljana, which have already become a tradition.
Since 2013 he is a musician and member of the organisation »Live Music Now«, the foundation of which was encouraged by the world famous violin player Yehudi Menuhin and the goal of which is to bring live music to all people, especially to those, who can not get access to live music easily.
Timotej says:
»The audience can be impressed by outstanding technique, extreme virtuosity, pure musicality, but they will always appreciate it most if one starts talking through music.
I do not wish to be a composer stereotype, who is locked in his room and understood only by a small part of the musical elite or nobody at all. In my music I would like to speak a language, which can be understood by anybody, who likes listening to music and anybody, to whom music means something. I want my music to live, to be performed and to touch all people – each of them in their own way. Even though I am a classically educated musician, I often take material for my compositions from the world of popular music and music, which is listened to by wide audiences.
My biggest wish is to share my music with all people. Only together with them, my music can truly be alive!«
Timotej cooperated at the direction, recording and production of the artistic recordings and videos of his own works and performances:
- Fantasy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWTdEE16DJs
- Panther Style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYtR0ceDILE
- Rock'n'Roll Sonata (3. Movement – The Last Dance):
»…  in his live and profound interpretations the guitar is not just a regular instrument, used as a tone producing medium , but an active part of the guitarist himself.«
(Radio Ars, Slovenia)
»Each tone had its life, its story, and incorporated itself beautifully in the wider sound image at the same time.«
(Radio Ars, Slovenia)
 »Perfect technique and excellent sense for harmonious formation of the details led to the clear narrativeness and personified interpretation.«
 (music magazine Glasna, Slovenia)
Webpage: www.timotejkosovinc.com